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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Creative Kids

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In today’s digital age, where screens and devices play a significant role in our children’s lives, the importance of creative toys becomes even more evident. Creative toys serve as a bridge to the digital world by preparing kids with essential skills. They not only encourage imagination and exploration but also foster problem-solving abilities, spatial awareness, creative expression and social interaction—all vital in the digital age.

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and you might be looking for the perfect gift for the creative kids in your life. VTech® has some of the best gift ideas for creative and musical kids in today’s digital age. If your child is a singer, dancer, photographer or video creator, this gift guide is specially designed for you!


1.  KidiZoom® Creator Cam™ (age 5-10)


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As a blogger and creator myself, I know the endless possibilities of a camera and a green screen. The KidiZoom® Creator Cam™ allows full exploration of one’s creativity by allowing kids to create their own videos on an HD video camera. It comes with a built-in microphone and special effects like time-lapse video.

The KidiZoom® Creator Cam™ is versatile with 20+ animated backgrounds. Your child can get chased by a T-Rex, go to outer space or become invisible with the included green screen fabric.

It comes fully ready to shoot with a tabletop tripod, selfie stick and wrist strap.

My kids had a blast recording each other, making selfie videos together and learning the different parts of creating a video from scratch.


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2. VTech® KidiStar DJ Mixer™(ages 5-10 years)


The VTech® KidiStar DJ Mixer™ is an awesome gift for any kid who loves music. Kids can mix and jam with a DJ turntable with 15 built-in songs and 2,000+ sound combinations.

This DJ turntable is so fun, as your child can create custom sound effects and vocal tags to lay onto tracks, and then save the samples. They can also connect to their own music wirelessly via Bluetooth and add sound effects.

This musical toy teaches children the joy of mixing sounds with music, the basics of rhythm & beats, and allows them to explore music in a new and dynamic way. It’s exciting to see what they create with these VTech® toys!


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Which is your favorite? As you can see, there’s something for every creative child. I love that these toys are not only fun and engaging but prepare them for a world full of creative and musical possibilities.




Angela Kim is a lifestyle blogger, influencer & mama of 4 at Mommy Diary. She began her online journey as one of the first Asian American mom bloggers to share honest motherhood stories on her blog.


Over the years, she has healed from postpartum depression and is happily raising her 4 children in Orange County, CA, one of them who has a rare genetic disorder. She is passionate about her vocation as a mother, sister and friend as she continues to share parenting tips, lifestyle inspirations and relatable videos across her social media channels.


You can find her on her blog, Instagram, Pinterest, Podcast and TikTok.



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